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Translation of Student Papers / Dissertations

Apart from translating economic texts, I have collaborated with many students on the translation of their papers or dissertations from English to Greek and vice versa.

I also handle the editing and review of, translated or not, English and Greek papers.

My rates are competitive and in conformity with the current economic conditions. Do not hesitate to contact me and request your quotation (cost and expected delivery date).

Recent translation projects

  • Land Disposal: A guide for decision-making and waste management (English->Greek): 28.000 words
  • Conceptual foundations of IQ testing (English->Greek): 5.000 words
  • Consequences of how we define and assess intelligence (English->Greek): 14.000 words
  • Intelligence and Achievement: A Behavioral Genetic Perspective (English->Greek): 5.000 words
  • The role of IQ at placement decisions in special education (English->Greek): 12.000 words
  • The hidden history of IQ and special education (English->Greek): 4.500 words
  • The linguistic heterogeneity in the monolingual -in relation to the language used as a teaching tool- school class (Greek->English): 14.000 words
  • Study on the way Greek teachers handle multiculturalism in school (Greek->English): 5.500 words
  • The growth of telecommunication and broadband services (English->Greek): 4.000 words
  • Environmental hormones in food packaging (English->Greek): 2.500 words
  • Health issues of 21st century in food packaging (English->Greek): 6.000 words


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