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Greek Medical translation

Since the beginning of my career, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with specialized doctors-translators in the translation of medical texts.

I have extensive experience in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, biopsychology and biology and I use a series of medical dictionaries and glossaries to ensure high accuracy in terminology.

I put special emphasis on maintaining high quality and meeting your deadlines.

My goal is to deliver a translation as close to the terminology and the style of your requirements as possible.

In order to produce the best possible result, I also use Translation Memory Software (SDL Trados Studio 2014) to achieve consistency in repeated terminology, either in the text I am currently working on or among the projects of the same client.

Recent translation projects

  • Psychiatric texts (English->Greek): 165.000 words
    • Sleep disorders
    • Eating disorders
    • Nursing process
    • Personality disorders
    • Group and family interventions
    • Cognitive and behavioral interventions
    • Coexisting psychiatric and substance use disorders
    • Counseling the individual
  • Biopsychological texts (English->Greek): 190.000 words
    • Evolution, genetics and experience
    • Neural conduction and synaptic transmission
    • From your eyes to your cortex
    • Mechanisms of perception, conscious awareness and attention
    • Brain damage and neuroplasticity
    • Sleep, dreaming and circadian rhythms
    • Drug addiction and brain’s reward circuits
  • Paper on psychology (English->Greek): 7.000 words
    • Continuities and discontinuities of development, with particular emphasis on emotional and cognitive components of disruptive behavior
  • Paper on biology (English->Greek): 18.000 words
    • The biology of human ageing
  • Paper on biology (English->Greek): 4.000 words
    • Cortical mechanisms of vision and conscious awareness
  • Paper on the intracellular calcium homeostasis (English->Greek): 2.200 words
  • Paper on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer Disease (English->Greek): 2.500 words
  • Lecture about the usage of intrauterine devices (Greek->English): 4.000 words
  • Medical texts on asthma (English->Greek): 45.000 words
    • Definition and pathology
    • Prevalence
    • Diagnostic testing and monitoring
    • Precipitating factors
    • General management of chronic asthma
    • Treatment of chronic asthma
  • Medical study on human personality (English->Greek): 25.500 words
    • The human personality: Personality and evolution-The most important theories
    • The psychodynamic theory-Social analysts-Evaluation
    • Cognitive-behavioral approaches-Evaluation
    • The humanistic theory-Evaluation
    • Distinctive features, situations and their interactions-Evaluation
    • The neurophysiology of personality
    • Personality evaluation


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