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At times, I have participated in the translation of medical and children's books, however, the books I have translated entirely on my own, from English into Greek, are:

    Although much has been written from a psychoanalytic point of view about aggression, very little has been written about violence, and even less about violent children. This book goes some way to redressing that imbalance. All of the clinicians who have written chapters in this book have entered very deeply into the complex and multi-layered subjective world of the violent child, and have written about the therapeutic processes here. All of the clinicians have begun their psychotherapeutic work from the same central starting point - that of attempting to understand the child, infant or children who have been identified as 'violent'. What we see, when their subjective world has been entered, is that beneath the violence lies extreme vulnerability and need.

    Reading, understanding and applying the knowledge that is contained with this timely book on how to help the child that harms is essential reading for anyone who is interested in helping these important children lead more fulfilling lives, from parents, teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, analysts, doctors and politicians.

  • UPSIDE DOWN ANIMALS children's series:1.200 words
    Translation of six titles:
    - The elephant who couldn't remember!
    - The bird who was afraid to clean the crocodile's teeth!
    - The penguin who disliked the cold!
    - The rooster who didn't want to wake up early anymore!
    - The bird who was afraid of heights!
    - The fish who couldn't swim!

    A humorous series of children's books. All the books are about animals that do the exact opposite of what they are famous for. At the beginning, it seems that everything is turned upside-down. However, as the story unfolds, we see that where there is a will, there is a way and by being patient and persistent, one can accomplish almost anything.

    Small stories that amuse, surprise and send positive messages to young readers.

  • WINGS picture book:1.200 words
    Lia's mom is an illustrator.

    One autumn afternoon, Lia asks her mom to paint her portrait, but with wings. After numerous attempts at different kinds of wings (all beautifully illustrated), Lia's mom and Lia herself understand that she doesn't yet know what her wings are like.

    That night Lia experiences a very special dream, and when she wakes, discovers it has given her the key to her wings.

    The book has been described as a metaphor for the creative process itself. It is also the story of a daughter and mother, of self-discovery, and of empowering kids to connect with their innermost dreams and desires, and find their own voice.


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